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Public Speaking Course: 

Serious Q & A Sessions

Many public speakers make their biggest mistakes during their question and answer sessions.

The presenter has a great program, does a powerful close, opens the floor up to questions, answers them well, and then ---- fades off the stage into oblivion, never to be seen again. (okay maybe not that dramatic, but still a big mistake)

If you don't have a second powerful close after the Q&A period, it could have a negative impact on your whole presentation. Think about it, you took the time to create a powerful program and presented it well with what you learned in your public speaking course, why waste all of that effort by not doing a second closing?

Make sure you have two good closes whenever there is a possibility of a Q & A session. Make the session end on a good note so you will be memorable.

A "trick" from my public speaking course:

Purposely leave out material that you know will evoke certain questions. When the questions come, give a pre-planned answer that appears spontaneous. They'll think you are a genius.

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