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Places are Funny

The names of some cities and towns can be funny sounding. Cleveland sounds funny. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is funny. In your public speaking course you will learn that seeing the humor in every aspect of life even includes names of  places. I  used to live off of Goodluck Road. That's pretty funny. My computer consultant used to live on Easy Street in Temple Hills, Maryland. That's definitely funny. In fact people were constantly stealing the sign.

If you pick up any map that has city or street names on it, within a few seconds, you will probably find a funny sounding name. If you look at it for a few minutes, you'll probably find a lot more. 

I picked up my road atlas and opened it to the USA and Canada maps in the front. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,  jumped right off the page at me. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, wasn't far behind along with Kalamazoo, Michigan; Toledo, Ohio; Schenectady, New York; and one of my favorites, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Keep a growing list of these funny sounding names in a file on your computer, that way you can look them up for future reference.

Lanham, Maryland is where I told you I lived off Goodluck Road. A couple of blocks away from my old house was Elvis Lane in Presley Manor. About a mile away from that is Lois Lane (I guess Superman visits there regularly) and I recently did some work in Boniwood. That isn't funny to you, but it was hilarious around our office because my assistant's name is Bonnie. Humor is literally waiting for you right around the corner and as close as your road map.

Now I live in the Little Neck area, not far from Great Neck, Little Creek, Back Bay, and even Witchduck. 

What you learn in my public speaking course can open a doorway to an unlimited number of funny names related to restaurants, hotels and stores like Piggly Wiggly, Kangaroo Katies, Motel 6, The Colonel's Kentucky Fried Chicken, and K Mart.

Open your eyes to the humor all around you.

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