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Make 'em Wonder

Most of my students and readers know that when I do a presentation I always try to push the limits to make sure my audience is not going to fall asleep on me.

In this article from my public speaking course I will attack another common old style snoozer technique. (and I know I will get letters from educational theory folks, but that is OK). The technique is that you should tell the people in your audience what you are going to cover during your presentation.

I say let 'em figure it out as you go.

If your audience thinks they know where you are heading during your presentation, then it makes it easy for them to 'zone out' since they 'think' they know what you are going to say.

Instead make them wonder, 'What in the heck is he going to do next?,' which forces them to stay alert to find out.

If they are asleep it will be impossible for you to use what you learned in your public speaking course, so make 'em wake up, and make 'em wonder at your words!

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