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Using Bits

In my public speaking course we learn about using bits in your presentation. Using a bit means taking a section of your material and relate it to a visual or outline so it makes it easy for you to memorize. Each point flows naturally from one to the other so you can deliver the information without looking at  your notes (as long as you know your material).

As you will learn from my public speaking course having  good speaking skills involves practicing and preparing before your presentation.

Before I learned about bits, I thought I would never make it as a good public speaker because I couldn't memorize long speeches. I discovered that most presenters can't memorize long talks either. They have a mental or written outline consisting of key words or visuals that trigger the individual bit in their minds.

Professional speakers use this concept to be able to deliver long presentations to the public without the use of notes.

Not being dependent on your notes has several advantages. When you stand before a group and speak without using any notes your credibility automatically rises. The audience will think, 'Wow! This person really knows their material.' You look more professional and knowledgeble with what you are saying.

Since you won't be tied to a podium or forced to hold your notes, you can get physically closer to the audience, or actually enter the audience on occasion. The closer you are to them to interact, the better you will connect with them.

When you leave the script at home you can speak naturally to the audience rather than read to them. It is very boring to hear someone talk as if they are reading it word for word. You will also be more confident because you no longer have to worry about your notes getting lost, or being blown away by the wind when outdoors.

Using bits also has another big advantage involving time. We are all very busy people. It's hard to find a spare hour or day to practice your presentation for an upcoming program. Bits can be practiced when you have a spare few minutes, a bit of time here and there.

You will be more likely to practice your material (and we all need practice) if you can practice a three or five-minute bit rather than the entire presentation.

Remember the old slogan for the candy bar, "Bit of Honey"? It was, "A bit of honey goes a long, long way."

Remember from your public speaking course you should learn your craft and your speech, bit by bit, it will go a long way on your road to success.

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