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Give 'em What They Want

I have been in situations where I planned carefully for a big speaking event and showed up to only  three people in the audience. I will admit it hurts, but you can't just quit and walk away. Even though you obviously can't give a presentation made for 500 audience members, you can still help the three who did come.

So what do you do? You immediately scrap your big speaking plans and tell the three people who showed up that you will be their personal consultant for entire program time slot.

You answer their questions and make them feel like they are important enough to demand your complete attention. As a professional public speaker you don't break down and cry because your  book and tape sales will suffer or because your ego is suffering. You give it everything you got whether there are three people in the audience or three thousand.

Once in Washington, North Carolina on a rainy noon day church service during Holy Week, only one person showed up for the preacher to give his sermon to, a little boy. Years later, that boy had grown up to be movie maker Cecil B. DeMille who produced the movie "The Ten Commandments". He said that church service and the preacher's sermon was the most memorable speech in his life.

When you practice what you learn in my public speaking course, you should try to make a difference in the life of every one in your audience, even if there is only one.

Always "give it everything you've got"! For the whole wide world may be changed!

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