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The Centerpiece Area

You can easily incorporate the centerpiece area as part of your program, by following these tips from my public speaking course.  Dr. Shirley Garrett provided a great example recently at a large public speaking engagement.

She was going to be using juggling scarves on stage during her presentation, so she decided to drape the same scarves in the middle of the tables and it looked great. She provided a centerpiece that was inexpensive, related to her presentation, and gave each member of the audience something to take home so they would remember her message. This idea could also get you some good points with the meeting coordinator who may be able save quite a bit of money on flowers or other ornamental centerpiece items. Having good skills involves thinking ahead, thinking creatively, and thinking how you can help people save money while you make money. 

My public speaking course will also teach you how to make the centerpiece area a revenue generator for you. You can pre-sell your items to the meeting planner and then you stack them nicely in the middle of the table. This gives everyone at the table something with your name on it to look at and won't cost much more than a fancy centerpiece. And one person at each table gets as the prizes as a door prize. 
Use the middle of a roundtable to tie your message in AND make more money. 

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