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Public Speaking Course: 

Caricatures, Cartoons and Comic Strips

Caricature is a technique that an artist uses where they create a cartoon drawing and make certain facial features bigger or exaggerated, and other facial features more diminished.  My public speaking course will show you the best way to incorporate caricatures in your presentation.

Some studies have shown that people find it easier to identify a political leader from a caricature than from a real photograph. You can use caricatures of  yourself in your handout material or during your programs to poke fun of yourself.

You can also use caricatures to make fun of your competitors and their products by magnifying whatever feature works best. 

Caricature artists are pretty easy  to find. A lot of times you can just look them up in the yellow pages under the categories of entertainment or party planning since they frequently perform at parties. Thinking about how to find what you need is just another skill learned by taking my public speaking course.

How to connect with members of a culturally diverse audience is a very important skill to master while in your public speaking course. Cartoons and Comic Strips are the most universally accepted formats for humor across different cultures.

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